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Our Mission:



We empower children, veterans, and women in Alabama and beyond to amplify unheard voices.



Please join us to combat childhood cancer

The average age of a child diagnosed with cancer is 6, at a rate of every two minutes. The terror associated with this situation for families is often multiplied by financial crises. The Tyler Robinson Foundation was founded by Imagine Dragons to help families offset such burdens by providing year-long financial assistance.


ripple effect

Our IDEAL this year is all about how to enact CHANGE in your LOCAL communities, starting with the BIRMINGHAM metropolitan area. YOU can make waves of change, no matter where you live! Check out more below:


giving & beyond

inspired lives

Your SUPPORT and enthusiasm keeps us moving toward our next GOAL! At the 2019 Pig Out Picnic we raised $40,000 to distribute among 4 different BENEFICIARIES. We are THANKFUL to continue engaging with our outstanding community to raise AWARENESS for these groups.

fresh chapters

We are currently collecting donations for the Tyler Robinson Foundation - they provide FINANCIAL AID to families facing PEDIATRIC CANCER. We have begun blazing a trail to bring their GRANT PROGRAM to exciting move for FAMILIES here in need!




our β€œwhy”

Spotlight stories follow stand out moments in the CCF Community and inspiring stories from our sponsorees and partner organizations!