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on any of Clayne Crawford's social media and one quickly finds that his entertainment career has a wingspan from Alabama to Zanzibar. When drama ensued on the set where Clayne was working, fans and Foundation supporters banded together to react with positivity to a negative outcome. This kind of indubitable reinforcement comes in many forms for the Clayne Crawford Foundation. One story that deserves much attention is that of Nicole Kelly, a Reiki Healer from Canada.

Nicole is a certified Reiki Master who works with animals and people. Her passion for this healing art began when she practiced on herself after suffering numerous equestrian sports injuries. Nicole quickly saw the benefits of this practice and wanted to spread the joy to others. She believes that "being able to give back leaves you with a sense of gratitude and really raises your vibration."

The Universe has interesting ways of connecting us all. In a brief interview, Nicole mentioned that she first watched a show featuring Clayne Crawford on Netflix, became an instant fan and social media supporter, then reached out to CCF to see how she could help. And goodness, did she help! Nicole took it upon herself to not only bring a healing art to her community, but she donated a portion of her proceeds to the Foundation. Her fundraising efforts are a perfect example of that Ripple Effect the Foundation is focused on spreading throughout 2019. To be inspired to lead the changes one wants to see in their surroundings, that's what the Crawford's intended for their supporters to do. Nicole's genuine kindness and pure compassion for helping others is a story that shines in the spotlight.

If you have more questions about Reiki or Nicole's story, reach out to her via the Tiger's Eye Energy Healing social media platforms!

by Kalyna Leigh March 11, 2019