Alabama Bicentennial


Outlined in 1817,

ALABAMA was admitted as the 22nd state just two short years later in young America. A vast range of territory composes this unique area of the SOUTHEAST. There are mountains and rivers, lakes and of course, the mercurial Gulf Shore. For 200 years the citizens who inhabit Alabama PROSPERED and persevered through times of both GLORY and TURMOIL. Now, it's time to CELEBRATE the state's big birthday and focus on the VISION AHEAD.

According to the state's official Bicentennial Celebration website, the MISSION over the course of three years "is to support, create, and execute events and activities that commemorate the stories of our people, place, and path to statehood" ( In late 2018, CLAYNE CRAWFORD was approached by a local homeschool community to partake in a UNIQUE project. The Faith Community Christian School wrote to CCF about a BICENTENNIAL BOOK project the students were selected to publish in honor of the statewide celebration. Through a co-op program, these students learn the skills needed to produce a book from draft to publication. They study story writing, biographical reporting, and journalistic interview techniques. They will be able to include other mediums as well, including photography and hand drawn works. Among those interviews will be a memory from the afternoon Clayne spent at his local LIBRARY answering questions about his work in the entertainment industry and his INSPIRATION to start a non-profit foundation to give back to his home state. Clayne's own children are homeschooled and were able to attend the interview day where they enjoyed sharing a COMMON BOND with kids in their community. The panoramic smiles in this photo echo the spark of joy that CCF STRIVES to bring to all those with whom they interact.

Please check out the links below for more information and an awesome article published in a local Alabama newspaper written by one of the FCCS students.

by Kalyna Leigh February 13, 2019