our impact

reaches multiple Alabama communities, and other charities across America, by utilizing donation drives and fundraising events to bolster attention for grassroots groups that otherwise might not receive the recognition they deserve. Our team is driven by the mission of our co-founder, Clayne Crawford, to provide care and support for those in need in his hometown and beyond.


Pleasant hill

Our keystone event supported the Pleasant Hill Community Mission BACKPACK FEEDING Program. With your donations, we helped DOUBLE their annual budget!

1 in 6 children go HUNGRY in America every day. This program sends at least 60 KIDS home every week with a FULL backpack of ESSENTIAL FOOD items for their family. Thank you for your aid.

Pictured from left to right: Paula Gossett, Clayne Crawford and Beverly Crumpton.


annual picnic

Our first annual PIG OUT PICNIC Fundraiser was held in honor of a local music THERAPY program and an organization that aids HOMELESS veterans.

We'd like to extend a special thanks to the FANS and colleagues who DONATED their time and funds to this cause. The power of POSITIVITY ran strong throughout this event.

See more information about our Spring 2019 picnic on this page.


summer of support

Our supporters from all over the GLOBE helped us raise $20,000 for the Tyler Robinson Foundation which in turn will help us bring the GRANT program to a FAMILY in Alabama!

Along the way, we enjoyed an amazing campaign with non-profit advocates, REPRESENT - we sold over 1,000 t-shirts to excited fans from California to Switzerland. We’ll CONTINUE bolstering a wonderful partnership with TRF.

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.
— Charles Dickens


you can help

Visit our EVENTS page to learn more about how YOU can GET INVOLVED and join our causes! Also, if you have a story to share, have a question, or just want to drop us a note - click the REACH OUT button to get in touch with us.