This month, we hope you will join us in starting the conversation to parent out bullying. We have partnered with Bullies Keep Out to share stories, tips, & discussions on how YOU can help break the cycle, and change the course of bully behavior, starting at home.



The national campaign to keep all youth safe from bullying is one that aims to unite our nation at local levels to create more positive environments for our schools and children. By educating parents & students about the effects of bully behavior, we can spread awareness of these negative narratives and begin to enact change for positive outcomes.

We hope you will join us in these conversations to help build a world without bullying. We have partnered with Bullies Keep Out, an organization focused on equality and support for all ages.

Donations are accepted year-round from all over the globe. We appreciate your support as we continue to focus on partnering with fellow charities whose mission is to aid children, women, and veterans.

Questions, concerns, or if you want some more info on bullying prevention, please email us at info@crawfordfoundation.org or sign up for our newsletter below.