It is our goal to BUILD a community of inspired lives and enact CHANGE in Alabama and beyond. Any amount is appreciated to SERVE those in need.


Hearts of gold

Please join our efforts to raise funds for the Tyler Robinson Foundation (TRF). From IMAGINE DRAGONS, this non-profit organization aids families facing PEDIATRIC CANCER and covers UNFORESEEN COSTS outside of medical care through grants.

Donations benefit TRF until September, which is CHILDHOOD CANCER AWARENESS month.




We are happy to announce that we use the FREE fundraising platform from Kindest to SUPPORT our causes. This tool is totally free for us to use, which means MORE of your donation goes directly to our benefiting groups! There are MULTIPLE ways to give, including Google & Apple Pay, or directly from your bank account to keep fees at their lowest. You can choose monthly or one-time GIFTS and we love that you’ll feel more CONNECTED to our cause. Check out the blue DONATE button on any page!



2019 Annual Fundraiser

From YOUR charitable enthusiasm we were able to GIFT the following NON-PROFIT organizations with $40,000 following our 2019 Pig Out Picnic. To both PETS FOR VETS and the VETERANS HEALING FARM we donated $5,000. The STUDENT VETS at the Univ. of Alabama received $10,000. And, to the FIRST LIGHT SHELTER’S FOREVER HOME program, we gave $20,000! Thank you again so much for your support!