It is our goal to provide hope and support for children, women, and veterans across the nation by partnering with various charities to focus on building a community of inspired lives. Any amount is welcome and appreciated to serve those in need within our communities.


Until MARCH 31st, your generous gifts will BENEFIT several veterans-focused organizations.

PETS FOR VETS provides a superb matching service for vets with SERVICE ANIMALS - their stories of successful MATCHES (time and time again) are inspiring, and we are so thankful to help them achieve more matches and spread the JOY.

Our partnership with the UACVA will be crucial in their goal to open two ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIPS in 2019. One scholarship is to provide direct EDUCATION funds for student veterans and HELP them fill in the gaps that arise during the higher-education process. Another scholarship outlines funding for DEPENDENTS of military-status families, so the next GENERATIONS can grow in their education!

We have partnered with the VETERANS HEALING FARM in the past, and we are extremely happy to do so again for this event. They are working so many HOURS to IMPROVE the lives and MENTAL HEALTH of veterans who visit their sprawling acres. From classes on the uses and benefits of NATURAL herbs to participating in local FARMER’S MARKETS, this community is imperative!

We are proud to support the FOREVER HOME program of First Light, Birmingham’s emergency SHELTER for homeless women and their families. This program helps sustain SAFE LIVING situations for homeless women with children, many of whom face great barriers when needing to find housing quickly. Working together with experienced social service professionals, Forever Home meets CRITICAL needs for MOTHERS in difficult positions and gives them STRENGTH through compassion and education.