from the roots out


Eric Goss, a highly respected

hairstylist in Birmingham, is at the helm of Hairfolk Salon. One of the reasons he and his team remain number one in the area is their dedication to clients. They focus on giving back and building relationships with people from all angles. When someone steps through the doors of this salon in Avondale, they are stepping in to some place magical.

In the same vein that the Crawford Foundation raises awareness for grassroots campaigns, Hairfolk continually strives to enrich the lives of everyone in their community. They understand that "small but significant efforts can reshape a person's life and environment," as shared by Eric Goss. At this salon, clients don't just get a fresh new haircut or color - they receive a compassionate welcome with engaging efforts to how feeling and looking their best will help them shine every day afterward. When asked about living and working in Birmingham, Hairfolk employees shared with CCF their excitement "to be part of shaping the future of this city."


The location of the salon is in Avondale, an area that previously halted in development, but recently saw a boom in small business growth. Unlike most cities that experience exponential expansion in a relatively fast time, Birmingham upholds its warmth. As it blossoms into a contemporary hub of new culture, the city simultaneously celebrates a rich history and a bright vision for the future.

The Crawford Foundation was launched with an emphasis on serving communities in Alabama and taking a closer look at the needs of neighbors right down the street. The sponsorship from Hairfolk embodies this same principle. In fact, their staff includes a veteran and three cancer survivors. CCF's work with groups like the Tyler Robinson Foundation and Three Hots and a Cot aligns greatly with Hairfolk's initiatives to raise funds for cancer research and sponsor toiletry drives for local shelters.

Like a great balayage, the Crawford Foundation and sponsors like Hairfolk, work from the roots out to help their community shine bright. Check out more about Eric and his team on their website and the Crawford Foundation Instagram stories!

by Kalyna Leigh March 22, 2019