Weather the Storm

Image credit: David Goldman/AP

Image credit: David Goldman/AP

The effects of a weather

disaster on a community linger long after news reporters find safe rides home and volunteers pack up to go back to work. These devastating moments can veil a town in trauma for weeks that turn into months into years and generations. Sometimes that damage becomes an entirely new characteristic of the infrastructure as survivors piece back together in the hardest puzzle of all - healing. Understandably, it can be hard to focus on where, when, and how to help when weather is a worldly crisis. Today, we ask that you consider joining our cause to focus on just one town in the CCF home state of Alabama.

Multiple tornadoes roared through Lee County in early March that left a massive rift in livelihood for the approximately 140,000 residents in Central Alabama.

Within hours of the high-powered wind funnels and rain moving out of Lee County, groups had boots on the ground. One of these is the Disaster Response team of volunteers from the Church of the Highlands. Straightaway, these teams got to work with Alabama EMA to clear trees and debris, assess the needs of affected families in the area, and created care packages and meal service via their Auburn campus.

By Tuesday, March 5, the Highlands teams cleared 9 houses of debris and began to lay tarp for temporary roofing. Bags of essential supplies such as diapers, non-perishable food, hygiene accessories and donated clothes were distributed. A mere three days later, these miracle-workers called for more hands on deck through their volunteer app to begin the longer-term process of assisting affected residents in less dangerous clean up procedures. Though the preliminary disaster relief is abated, the next steps for these survivors and the volunteers aiding them is to walk together the path toward healing.

You can help the Crawford Foundation in our efforts to aid the Highlands Disaster Response teams in several ways.

For our friends in the area: Download the SERVE App in the Apple App Store or Google Play to find and sign up for serve opportunities in the coming weeks, contact the Auburn Dream Center for more information, or donate to CCF using "Storm Relief" in the info box.

For our friends everywhere: Spread the message by participating in our "Weather the Storm" t-shirt campaign with Represent where 100% of the proceeds will go straight to the Highlands Disaster Response teams and the affected area needs.


Image credit: Leada Gore,

Image credit: Leada Gore,

by Kalyna Leigh March 20, 2019