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The Ripple Effect...

What is it exactly? What does the CCF Team mean when they want you to be part of it?

To the Crawford's, the Ripple Effect is that notion of inspiration spread through positive change from community to community. It's the ROI on spreading kindness.

In 2019, the CCF Team encourages folks to embody the words "be the change," by highlighting moments of inspired actions. This next story is exactly that kind of moment.

John originally bought tickets to the 2019 Pig Out Picnic for his whole family to attend. In fact, they were among the first 20 ticket holders for this year's event. A few weeks before the event, John sent the team a message: they would be unable to attend.

We're always bummed when news like this affects the supporters. We've had a couple conversations with John, and he's super lively - surely an awesome person to engage with in the CCF community. We learned that he's been a fan of Clayne long before his network debut. Among his favorite's from the IMDB credit roll were Smokin' Aces 2 and Baytown Outlaws. "Naturally," said John, he "became a fan of the foundation immediately."

Among the key aspects of the CCF Ripple Effect initiative is encouraging supporters to step into their own communities and enact positive change. Whether that is by holding a fundraising effort in support of CCF, or another great cause. As a former corrections officer, John described some issues in his immediate community, which is one of the most dangerous in America and has a high poverty rate. He and his wife stay in constant communication with their children, whom they've taught to be observant above all else. He wants to make sure they stay safe and are "tuned in."

Now, John works as a housing specialist helping people with HIV/AIDS find permanent housing, and his wife is a special education teacher whose focus is inclusion. This manner of setting the example at home and upholding their integrity in their jobs and community is exactly the kind of ripple effect we hope to see among the CCF supporters. John didn't want recognition for donating his tickets, nor a refund or any special treatment, he simply hoped that in their absence another family might be able to enjoy the good weather and company of the Crawfords.

When he could have opted to simply not check in that day, this Ripple Representative chose to check out another way to spread postivity - and CCF is grateful to have community members like this all over the globe.


by Kalyna Leigh